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Larissa & Pumpkin are a brand that produce both stylish and playful children’s products for the modern home. These high-quality products produced are perfect for the UK market and hand-selected by Haus as they are not only practical, offering children fun, creative activities but they are also stylish and attractive.

This will appeal to the modern families in the UK who want their children to play happily and safely, whilst allowing their homes to look good and stylish. The growing trend for simple design led children’s products is continuing to rise, as can be demonstrated by the success of stores such as  Scandiborn, Kidly and Haus Distribution to date.

Haus is at the forefront of this movement. We import distinctive and timeless  products from unique European brands. We’re proud to be their UK face.

Larisa and Pumpkin’s products that are coming to the UK are modern and stylish ball pits that are sure to keep your baby entertained for hours! Ball pits are not only great for fun, but also great for developing both your baby’s gross and fine motor skills. Larisa and Pumpkin ball pits are available in powder pink, grey, mint and mustard and contain 200 balls of three colours. The balls are made of non-toxic, azo dye-free plastic and are CE certified. They are safe for children and odourless. Each ball pit is lined with 95% cotton 5% elastane fabric and the zippered cover can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine.

Quality & Simple Design

The Larisa & Pumpkin Learning Tower not only helps our children brush their own teeth, help with table preparation or kitchen work, but also transforms into an activity table, allowing them to have a fun time. Of course, they can get creative on the chalkboard too! The learning tower raises your toddler and active child to an ideal height and prevents him from falling backwards with its clever design. Let your child help you cook and have fun! Larisa and Pumpkin Learning Tower is made of 100% natural beech wood and in accordance with European safety norms (EN71 and EN72).

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